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Come and say Hi!

Digital Poland Foundation, in collaboration with UPC Poland, is delighted to invite you to the online webinar exploring how digital will change the future of work in the post-pandemic reality. A presentation of the “Future of Work is here” report by John Guziak, Partner, Human Capital at Deloitte will be followed by a panel discussion with the leading industry experts discussing how technology and digital transformation has redefined the modern concept of work and what’s next.

Artificial intelligence is increasingly entering the business world, changing the way companies work and enabling entirely new services and business models. This is possible thanks to the development of Big Data technologies, the growing popularity of cloud solutions and automation. If you are looking for information from Poland and the world on how to benefit from using artificial intelligence, we invite you to [email protected] Summit 2021.

The 9th edition of the Cashless Congress. On 8 - 9 June 2021, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warsaw, around 300 experts in the field of cashless payments will meet to discuss issues related to new technologies, legal regulations, consumer safety and to compare the Polish market with foreign markets. This year, participants also have the opportunity to participate online - the entire event will be broadcast live on the Internet.

Interactive meetings with speakers from around the world, Q&A sessions, online-tables, workshops and 2 thematic paths - this is the third edition of the MIT Sloan Management Review Polska Congress, which will take place on April 21-22, 2021 in the online formula.

We invite you to a presentation of the State of Polish AI 2021 report results. Digital Poland Foundation once again decided to check the state of development of the Polish AI ecosystem. The State of Polish AI 2021 report is the most comprehensive undertaking for and about the artificial intelligence market in Poland. The previous Map of Polish AI report was very popular and received high ratings from experts. The State of Polish AI 2021 publication presents the state of the AI market in Poland, comments from experts and presents the leading trends in the industry. Our goal is to promote Polish solutions in the country and abroad, to make it easier to attract investors, to increase cooperation in the sector and to jointly create the best public policies supporting the development of AI in Poland. More information on the event page!