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Making Poland one of the Leading Global Digital Innovation Hubs


Who we are

Digital Poland Foundation turns digital challenges into opportunities for the Polish economy. We position Poland as leading digital innovation hub by promoting cross-industry nationwide initiative and combine forces, connecting topics and creating networks.

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Our initiatives that make impact

Dominika Banaszkiewicz

Fundacja Digital Poland

Digital Festival

Join the Digital Festival project and contribute to make new technologies (among others 5G and Internet of Things, digital payments, smart city, autonomous and electric vehicles, innovative solutions in medicine and health care, robotics and artificial intelligence) popular among Poles.

Piotr Mieczkowski

Fundacja Digital Poland

Sztuczna Inteligencja dla managerów

Sztuczna inteligencja zmienia otaczającą nas rzeczywistość. Polskie firmy w bardzo małym stopniu uczestniczą jednak w tej rewolucji. Jednym z powodów jest brak praktycznej wiedzy wśród managerów. Osoby decyzyjne często nie wiedzą, jak przekuć hasła na konkretne działania. Dlatego w ramach Fundacji Digital Poland uruchomiliśmy inicjatywę edukacyjną „AI dla managerów”.

Nell Przybylska

Fundacja Digital Poland

Digital Shapers

A list that distinguishes outstanding personalities of the digital world and new technologies in Poland. It promotes competence in the field of digitisation and new technologies through positive examples. There are five categories of Digital Shapers: education, digital transformation, investments, innovations and technologies, visionary. The selection of Digital Shapers will be carried out by Digital Academy - an independent group of experts in the world of new technologies, maintaining all the procedures of an independent auditor. Candidates for the Digital Shapers 2019 title can be submitted at www.digitalshapers.pl.

Digital Innovation CEE

Fundacja Digital Poland

Digital Innovation CEE

We facilitate the cooperation and Innovation. An open innovation platform that connects innovators and startups with the largest corporations in the CEE region. The best place for hackathons, challenges and competitions.

Joanna Chojnacka

Fundacja Digital Poland

Cyfrowy Kompas

Cyfrowy Kompas to internetowa aplikacja, która mierzy zbieżność Twoich poglądów politycznych w zakresie nowych technologii i cyfryzacji z programem wyborczym i opiniami komitetów wyborczych. Celem aplikacji jest promocja w przestrzeni politycznej i społecznej zagadnień z zakresu cyfryzacji oraz nowych technologii. Cyfrowy Kompas pokazuje podejście poszczególnych komitetów wyborczych do wybranych kluczowych zagadnień, mających wpływ na życie Polaków.


AI Challenge

Zaktualizuj swoją wiedzę z zakresu sztucznej inteligencji! Zrób darmowy kurs online i uzyskaj certyfikat. Weź udział w ogólnoświatowej akcji #AIChallenge i razem z nami promuj nowoczesne technologie w Polsce. Chcemy przeszkolić z podstaw sztucznej inteligencji 1. proc. Polaków, czyli prawie 400 tys. osób. Liczymy, że dzięki współpracy z największymi firmami w Polsce, taki wynik uda się osiągnąć w ciągu roku. To właśnie bowiem współpraca cechuje najbardziej rozwinięte ekosystemy innowacji na świecie. Razem możemy więcej – weź udział w wyzwaniu #AIChallenge.

Igor Zacharjasz



The digitalisation of the Polish financial sector is a priority for the Fintech hub led by Visa. Visa, supported by other members of Digital Poland, runs a series of market wide initiatives aiming to develop new solutions that benefit the whole financial sector and consumers. Projects run under the umbrella of Digital Poland Fintech hub are focused on four selected themes: Smarter Cities and IoT; Future of retail; Authentication; Data Intelligence.

Joanna Chojnacka

Ringier Axel Springer Polska

Election Promise Check

The Foundation initiates dialogs with our Polish politicians on digitalisation issues in the country. In addition, it verifies if the promises made during previous elections were realised, publishes international rankings and provides recommendations that can be adopted by politicians. We welcome everyone to participate in our activities.

Emil Kamiński


Smart City

Refreshing value and definition of intelligent city. Creating eco-system encouraging city authorities, technological leaders as well as start-ups to accelerate cooperation leading to tangible solution implementations and benefits for city residents. Working to creating solution for todays as well as future problems.

Piotr Kędzierski


Digital Education

Within Digital Poland Foundation T-Mobile Poland has created a project aimed at “increasing seniors” digital competences thus counteracting the digital exclusion. In cooperation with Coderdojo foundation supports digital education for children and youngsters all over the Poland. Different dojos (academies) in Poland mentors are teaching free of charge different coding methods. Our aspiration is to increase the scale and availability of these courses. We would like to also educate children in primary schools network security rules.

Nell Przybylska

Fundacja Digital Poland

Study Tours

See how modern companies work abroad! Go with us on the Study Tour. The Digital Poland Foundation crosses borders in search of inspiration, interesting business ideas and technological solutions. We want to share in the country what we will see abroad, to at the end of the day to broaden the prospects of Polish entrepreneurs. The Digital Poland Foundation organizes international trips twice a year. The first Study Tour, organized by the Foundation Digital Poland, took place on February 14, 2018.

Patrycja Gołos


Digital Economy Hub

We support and boost initiatives and programs aimed at the development of the Polish economy, innovative entrepreneurship and modern society. Due to long-term investments into the development our network, we continuously build giga-ready fiber-rich infrastructure of the future, which is one of the pillar of the development of entrepreneurship and the competitiveness of the Polish economy. Through programs such as Thing Big we support Polish entrepreneurs and start-ups, which are the drivers of innovativeness.

Emil Kamiński


Digital R&D

Increasing competitiveness of Poland as Research & Development hub for foreign companies. Highlighting undeniable advantages of Poland like top IT competencies and promoting already achieved great successes.

Tomasz Staszelis



Everyday technologies like cell phones, smartphone sensors, cloud storage, and data analytics are playing a critical role in digital health. Therefore our target is to support the government in process of development of digital capabilities in Polish healthcare system. We plan, among others to conduct an education campaign in Poland about opportunities of digital healthcare. We also want to create a platform of leading players (businesses, universities, professionals and startups) to develop a common plan on e-health in Poland.

Aleksandra Brzozowska

Ringier Axel Springer Polska

Digital CEO

Has your company been digitalised yet? Of course, it has. And of course, you have done your best to prepare it for the digital transformation. You might have hired the best and the youngest experts in that field on the market with the weirdest job titles ever such as Cloud Chief Architect or Ethical Hacker. But let’s face it: it is still on our CEO’ shoulders. The sooner we’ll learn the necessary basics about the digital disruption, the better we’ll reinvent our business in the digital world. Why not share your expectations and concerns with those who are “in the same boat”? That is why we have created The Hub Digital CEO wherein very comfortable atmosphere, during the dinner debate we have a chance to share our “digital” experience, get feedback from other CEO’s and learn from the experts about hidden traps and possibilities arising from the digital world.

Tomasz Czechowicz


Smart Capital & Innovative Society

In order to create a national economy that meets the expectations of its citizens, as well as plays a significant role in the region and around the world, smart investments and capital are necessary. At MCI, we want to support the processes that leads to the digital transformation of the economy, in a way that passion for entrepreneurship is channeled to the most promising projects. Cooperation of all interested parties is necessary: private & public capital, serial entrepreneurs, R&D and educational centres.

Paweł Seweryn


Startup Ecosystem

We want to support the development of entrepreneurship in Poland and build a strong ecosystem of innovative companies. In order to achieve that, we want to educate the next generation of professionals able to build and develop global tech startups. Through software development, data science or design courses, we want to build up the expertise of technological and creative workforce in Poland. In addition to that, we want to promote careers in the startup industry among future managerial minds and teach them practical skills necessary for managing and growing successful startups.

Maciej Gozdowski

TVN Digital


Rozwój i popularyzacja treści cyfrowych tworzonych w Polsce to podstawa działalności inicjatywy Digi-Content, którą kieruje TVN Digital. Wiele polskich firm tworzy fantastyczne materiały oparte o nowe technologie. Powstaje coraz więcej produkcji bazujących na rozszerzonej oraz wirtualnej rzeczywistości. Coraz częściej tworzony jest także kontent interaktywny. Dzięki temu widzowie są jeszcze bliżej świata telewizji, a nawet mogą go współtworzyć. Inicjatywa Digi-Content ma na celu popularyzację pomysłów, które już powstały, ale także wsparcie nowych, rodzących się idei w tej dziedzinie biznesu.

Our latest report

Technology at the service of society. Will Poles become a society 5.0? Edition 2020

What are the strategic challenges facing Poland? Do Poles know that technology can help? How do Poles perceive technology? How many of us would decide to use the COVID-19 vaccine, undergo the operation performed by the robot, and how many would get into an autonomous bus without a driver? Are we as a society ready for the digital revolution? These and other questions are answered by the latest report of the Digital Poland Foundation, which was created in cooperation with IQS and under the patronage of Polpharma. Read the extensive comments of experts.

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